Supmea in Korea

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Recently, ENVEX (ENVironmental EXhibition), the largest environmental technology exhibition in Korea, came to an end at the famous COEX (Convention&Exhibition) in Gangnam District, Seoul. Together with Korean partner STARKO, Supmea showed a variety of products to Korean customers including electromagnetic flowmeter, ultrasonic level gauge, pressure transmitter, etc., and painted a touch of "China Red" from Supmea for this exhibition!

As Supmea's largest partner in Korea, STARKO has been working hand in hand with Supmea for 4 years. Like-minded, know oneself and each other. This is the unanimous evaluation of STARKO by Supmea's friends. Since 2018, the two sides have cooperated sincerely and successively served many well-known Korean companies such as Seoul Semiconductor, Hyupsung Machinery Electric, and NANO HITEC, involving many Korean advantageous industries such as electronics and semiconductors.

"Supmea products greatly exceeded our expectations at the exhibition!" Stark, the head of STARKO, said, "Everyone showed great enthusiasm for our products, and my colleagues and I spent almost the entire show introducing Supmea products to our customers. This has given us even more confidence in Supmea."

Stark said that getting Korea to use good Chinese meters is STARKO's biggest goal now!

Up to now, Supmea products have been exported to 127 countries and regions all over the world, serving tens of thousands of overseas customers. Supmea hopes that there will be more partners like STARKO, who will work hand in hand for the mission of "Let the world use Chinese good instruments".

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