level transmitter

How to choose the Level Transmitter?

Liquid level measuring transmitter is an instrument that provides continuous liquid level measuremen...
supmea conductivity meter

Introduction of Conductivity meter

What principle knowledge should be mastered during the use of the conductivity meter? First, in orde...
Absolute Error, Relative Error, Reference Error

Automation Encyclopedia-Absolute Error, Relative Error, Reference Error

In the parameters of some instruments, we often see accuracy of 1% FS or 0.5 grade. Do you know the ...
supmea flow meters

Automation Encyclopedia-the development history of flow meters

Flow meters have a wide range of applications in the automation industry, for the measurement of var...
Protection Level

Automation Encyclopedia-Introduction to Protection Level

The protection grade IP65 is often seen in the instrument parameters. Do you know what the letters a...
gauge pressure, absolute pressure and differential pressure

Definition and difference of gauge pressure, absolute pressure and differential pressure

In the automation industry, we often hear the words gauge pressure and absolute pressure. So what ar...
ph meter and sensor

Introduction of ph meter

A pH meter refers to an instrument used to determine the pH value of a solution. The pH meter works ...
supmea Pressure measuring instrument

Detailed knowledge---Pressure measuring instrument

In the chemical production process, pressure not only affects the balance relationship and reaction ...
Dissolved oxygen meter

Introduction of Dissolved oxygen meter

Dissolved oxygen refers to the amount of oxygen dissolved in water, usually recorded as DO, expresse...
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