WSR550 76-81GHz Radar level transmitter

WSR550 radar level transmitter supports four-wire and two-wire applications, the product has multiple models, the range can reach 60m. Equipped with a 76-81GHz frequency band, the WSR550 provides superior performance in challenging environments where other level measurement technologies may fail. Its high-frequency signal allows for better penetration through dust, vapor, and foam, ensuring accurate readings even in harsh conditions.



  • Range: 0~60m
  • Accuracy: ±1mm 
  • Application:  solid level measurement,water level measurement,liquid level measurement
  • Frequency Range: 76GHz~81GHz
  • Product Details

The 76-81GHz series products refer to frequency modulated continuous wave (FMCW) radar products operating at 76-81GHz, supporting four-wire and two-wire applications. The product has multiple models, the range can reach 120m, and the blind zone can reach 8 cm. Because of its higher operating frequency and shorter wavelength, it is especially suitable for solid applications. The working method of transmitting and receiving electromagnetic waves through the lens has unique advantages in high dust and harsh temperature environments (+150). The instrument provides flange or thread connection, which makes installation convenient and easy.

  • Specification

 Product  Radar level meter
 Model WSR550
 Measure range 0.08~30m,0.3~60m, others
 Beam angle 3°/8°
 Installation Thread, Flange
 Medium Temperature -40℃~150℃(high temperature customized)
 Process Pressure    -0.1-2MPa
 Accuracy ±1mm 
 Ingress protection IP67 
 Frequency Range 76GHz~81GHz,5GHz FMCW bandwidth
 Signal Output 4-20mA 
 Power supply 15~28VDC
 Communication Modbus/HART
 Humidity ≤95%RH
 Enclosure Aluminum alloy, stainless steel
 Fault output 3.8mA, 4mA, 20mA, 21mA, hold
 Size Ø100*270mm
 Weight 2.480Kg/2.995Kg
 Cable entry M20*1.5
 Antenna type Lens antenna/anti-corrosive antenna / flange isolated by quartz
 Recommended cables AWG18 or 0.75mm²
 Minimum measured dielectric constant ≥2

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