SUP-MP Ultrasonic level transmitter

SUP-MP ultrasonic level transmitter taking the advantages of various many level measuring instruments, is a universal one characterized by total digitalized and humanized design. It has perfect level monitoring, data transmission and man-machine communication.


Measure range: 0 ~ 10m

Blind zone: 0.35m 

Accuracy: 0.5%F.S

Power supply:  (14~28) VDC

With backlight


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  • Introduction

SUP-MP ultrasonic level transmitter has perfect level monitoring, data transmission and man-machine communication. It is featured by strong anti-interference performance; free setting of upper and lower limits and online output regulation, on-site indication.

  • Specification
 Product  Ultrasonic level transmitter
 Model SUP-MP
 Measure range 5、10m (others optional)
 Blind zone 0.35m
 Accuracy ±0.5%FS
 Display LCD
 Output (optional) 4-20mA RL<500Ω
2 relays 
 Measuring variable Level/Distance
 Power supply (14-28) VDC (others optional)
 Power consumption <1.5W
 Protection degree IP65(others optional)


  • Features

Backup and recovery parameter set

Free adjustment of the range of analog output

Custom serial port data format

Optional increment/difference distance measurement to measure air space or liquid level

1-15 transmitted pulse intensity depending on working conditions


  • Product Description

ultrasonic level transmitter with high accuracy


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