SUP-MP Ultrasonic level transmitter

SUP-MP ultrasonic level transmitter taking the advantages of various many level measuring instruments, is a universal one characterized by total digitalized and humanized design. It has perfect level monitoring, data transmission and man-machine communication.


Measure range: 0 ~ 10m

Blind zone: 0.35m 

Accuracy: 0.5%F.S

Power supply:  (18~28) VDC

With backlight


  • Introduction

SUP-MP ultrasonic level transmitter has perfect level monitoring, data transmission and man-machine communication. It is featured with strong anti-interference performance; free setting of upper and lower limits and online output regulation, on-site indication.

Ultrasonic level measurement is a non-intrusive and accurate method used to measure the level of liquids and solids in tanks, vessels, and pipes. This technique works by emitting high-frequency sound waves that travel through the medium being measured and reflect back to the sensor. The time it takes for the sound waves to travel back and forth is used to determine the distance between the sensor and the surface of the medium. This information is then processed by a digital signal processor to provide an accurate reading of the level. Ultrasonic level measurement is commonly used in applications where traditional level measurement technologies may not be suitable, such as corrosive or hazardous environments, or where the medium being measured is highly viscous or prone to foam.

  • Specification

 Product  Ultrasonic level transmitter
 Model SUP-MP
 Measure range 5, 10m (others optional)
 Blind zone 0.35m
 Accuracy ±0.5%FS
 Display LCD
 Output (optional) 4-20mA RL<500Ω
2 relays 
 Measuring variable Level/Distance
 Power supply (18-28) VDC (others optional)
 Power consumption <1.5W
 Protection degree IP65(others optional)


  • Features

Backup and recovery parameter set

Free adjustment of the range of analog output

Custom serial port data format

Optional increment/difference distance measurement to measure air space or liquid level

1-15 transmitted pulse intensity depending on working conditions


  • Product Description

ultrasonic level transmitter with high accuracy


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