SUP-PTU100 Turbidity meter
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SUP-PTU100 Turbidity meter

SUP-PTU 100 turbidity meter based on the infrared absorption scattered light method guarantee the continuous and accurate detection of turbidity.


Range: 0.1 ~ 20000 mg/L; 0.1 ~ 45000 mg/L; 0.1 ~ 120000 mg/L

Resolution: Less than ± 5% of the measured value

Pressure range: ≤0.4MPa

Power supply: AC220V±10%; 50Hz/60Hz

  • Specification
 Product  Turbidity meter
 Model SUP-PTU100
 Measure range 0.00 ~ 4000NTU 
 Indication  resolution Less than ± 2% of the measured value,
  or ± 0.1 NTU Maximax criterion
 Pressure range ≤0.4MPa
 Flow velocity ≤2.5m/s、8.2ft/s
 Storage Temperature -15~65℃
 Operating temp 0~50℃
 Calibration Sample Calibration, Slope Calibration
 Cable length Standard 10-Meter Cable, Max Length: 100 Meters
 High voltage baffle Aviation Connector, Cable Connector
 Main materials Main Body:SUS316L (Ordinary Version),
Titanium Alloy (Seawater Version)
Upper and Lower Cover: PVC; Cable: PVC
 Ingress protection IP68(sensor)
 Power Supply AC220V±10%,5W Max,50Hz/60Hz
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turbidity meter

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low turbidity meter

MLSS meter


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turbidity meter

turbidity sensor

online turbidity meter

online turbidity meter


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SUP-PTU 100 turbidity meter