SUP-DY2900 Optical dissolved oxygen meter
Optical dissolved oxygen meter Optical dissolved oxygen controller Supmea Optical type DO meter Dissolved Oxygen meter Optical dissolved oxygen meter

SUP-DY2900 Optical dissolved oxygen meter

SUP-DY2900 Optical type Dissolved oxygen online analyzer, an intelligent online chemical analyzer. The cap of the sensor is coated with a luminescent material. Blue light from an LED illuminates the luminescent chemical. The luminescent chemical instantly becomes excited and releases red light. The time and intensity of red light are inversely proportional to the concentration of oxygen molecules, So the concentration of oxygen molecules is calculated.


Range: 0-20mg/L,0-200%,0-400hPa

Resolution: 0.01mg/L,0.1%,1hPa

Output signal: 4~20mA; Relay; RS485

Power supply: AC220V±10%; 50Hz/60Hz

  • Specification
  Product  Dissolved Oxygen meter
  Model SUP-DY2900
  Measure range 0-20mg/L,0-200%
  Resolution 0.01mg/L,0.1%,1hPa
  Accuracy ±3%FS
  Temperature Type NTC 10k/PT1000
  Auto A/manual H

-10-60℃ Resolution;

0.1℃ Correction

 Correction accuracy ±0.5℃
 Output Type 1 4-20mA output
 Max.loop resistance 750Ω
 Repeatblitiy ±0.5%FS
 Output Type 2 RS485 digital signal output
 Communication protocol Standard MODBUS-RTU(customizable)
 Power supply

AC220V±10%50Hz,5W Max

 Alarm relay AC250V,3A
  • Introduction

SUP-DY2900 Dissolved Oxygen Meter uses the latest Luminous Dissolved Oxygen measurement probes to provide reliable measurements for industrial and municipal applications. Supmea Dissolved Oxygen Meter use in a wide range of water analyzer solutions.

optical dossolved oxygen meter


  • Application

Dissolved Oxygen Meter application.jpg

• Sewage treatment plants:

Oxygen measurement and regulation in the activated sludge basin for a highly efficient biological cleaning process

• Environmental protection water monitoring:

Oxygen measurement in rivers, lakes or seas as an indicator of the water quality

• Water treatment:

Oxygen measurement for status monitoring of drinking water for example (oxygen enrichment, corrosion protection etc.)

• Fish farming:

Oxygen measurement and regulation for optimum living and growth conditions